Hi, my name is Ryan Havens. All my life, I’ve known I wanted to become a programmer.

One day, as I lay in my cradle debugging some C++ classes, it all made perfect sense to me. Programming is my calling, technology my passion, development my labor.

Current Projects

This Website

Redesigning this website for fun.

Android Programming

Working on some interesting Android projects and learning Kotlin along the way.

Past Projects

Statistical Means for Tufts Memes

I conducted a psychological analysis of the Tufts University "Meme Page," a Facebook group where students posted memes satirizing daily life at Tufts. I wanted to figure out the relationship between various memes that were posted on the page. This culminated in a fully-fledged data scraper, data analysis, and even a fun (yet currently broken) interactive visualization.

Browser Fingerprinting

A simple implementation of a common security vulnerability in web browsers used to track user data without them even knowing their data has been stolen.


face.the.music is a fun little webapp that recognizes facial expressions and plays music according to your detected emotional state. The project came about as some hacky combination of working with the Spotify API (which I wanted to do) and working with facial recognition libraries (co-founder Gain Hagenau's idea). Somehow it caught on - people seem to find this kind of thing at least mildly amusing, and the music it plays seems to pair quite well (according to user feedback).


For a class project I collaborated with a team of Tufts students to develop a business model and financial plan for our grand idea, a student-to-student subletting service. On my own I brought the project to fruition, and Subleasy provides a much-needed convenience to Tufts students seeking off-campus housing for a few months at a time.

Piper: A Social Media Experiment

Designing and implementing a social media website with emphasis on scalability, optimization, and security as part of a web engineering team. Piper allows users to post images to a central feed and talk to other users in a live chatfeed. We emphasized single-page design with this project.


A project that unfortunately had to be iced due to Grooveshark's abrupt shutdown. A tool that helps users navigate past common issues with Grooveshark. Using the website Groovebackup as a data source, GroovebackupPlus describes which songs have been removed due to takedown notices and which songs you have recently added.


A fitness-tracking program that aggregates a user's health and workout preferences in order to design a customized fitness routine for the user. Currently not available for testing.

Tufts Course Online Comparator

A webservice for Tufts students allowing them to compare the difficulty of their courseload and submit their own opinions on classes. Built at Tufts Polyhack Fall 2014.

Various University Assignments

I have completed coursework in multiple programming languages and disciplines during my four years at Tufts. In order to maintain academic integrity, these projects are not listed on my public github repository.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further inquiries!